#30 – Brett Churnin’s Lessons From Decades of Coaching Dentists

All of the top level athletes have coaches. Many have multiple. But when it comes to our careers, our business and our lives we tend to take it all on ourselves without asking for the help we need.

If we really think about this, it doesn’t make sense. And talking with Brett Churnin really hits home for me in this episode.

Brett has been coaching dentists with Prime Practice for over 17 years. His passion and effectiveness in what he does really shows through in this discussion. We even get into the weeds with something I’ve been wanting to change for a while, incidentally highlighting the accountability factor a good coach can provide.

How to be Mentored

Don’t expect mentoring. Go into it with goals, be humble and learn but make it easy for mentor.

A good mentor relationship will transform your career.

Looking to do expand into a new procedure? Had a complication you weren’t expecting? Unsure of the best way to do something? Without mentors it’s easy to have your progression stalled and frustration increase in these situations. When it may be a simple reassuring conversation or a tip that takes you through that barrier to the next level.