TIP #123 – The Pigmented Lesion with Dr Michelle Kang

From learning all things oral pathology in school we learn to memorise specific pictures in textbooks that we spot in exams and go ‘Yes! I’ve seen this pathology before!’ however when it comes to actually seeing oral pathologies in the mouth, particularly the pigmented lesion, it can get very confusing between what is normal, and what isn’t, particularly as we learn to look at wide ranging demographics of patients when first starting out. With me again is oral medicine specialist Dr Kang, and we look at what things to be aware of when spotting pigmented lesions, and what actions we can take to making sure we are providing essential care to our patients. 

TIP #119 – What is IBD and Its Role With the Mouth with Dr Michelle Kang

When we sign up to become dentists and study the art of teeth, we learn things like head and neck anatomy, prosthodontics in understanding the shape and contour of teeth, and orthodontics in where the teeth should sit in relation to the face. Apart from the aesthetic and engineering side of teeth, we too often forget about the function of teeth and the role of the mouth as part of a winding long tube that we all call the digestive system.

With us here is Oral Medicine specialist Dr Michelle Kang to talk about a chronic condition that can very much present itself in the oral cavity inflammatory bowel disease.

FEATURE #80 – The Big Wide World of Oral Medicine with Dr Michelle Kang

In this month’s feature episode we ask Oral Medicine Specialist Dr Michelle Kang about her journey and experience through the big wide world of oral medicine. Topics discussed include the variation in city and rural cases, the experience of travelling and the importance of a good support network to help you through tough times. Please sit back and enjoy!

TIP #94 – Standing Your Ground with Dr Amanda Phoon Nguyen

All it takes is one conversation to start a movement or inspire a change.

In this episode, we wind down with Dr Amanda Phoon Nguyen and take a deep dive into aspects of our lives beyond just clinical dentistry. I think Dr Amanda is such a wonderful role model for younger dentists in terms of living to your greatest potential, chasing your passions and not worrying so much about what other people think.

We talk about all things from work-life balance (and does that even exist), managing self-doubt and imposter syndrome and standing your ground and knowing when to say no. We also discuss Dr Amanda’s role as current President for the Western Australia Women in Dentistry committee, what it means to her and their vision for the future.

So grab yourselves a cup of tea and wind down with us for this heart to heart chat.

TIP #91 – The Non-Tooth-Related Toothache with Dr Amanda Phoon Nguyen

“If you cannot replicate the pain, don’t take the tooth out.”
The non-tooth-related toothache – the age old conundrum that seems to trouble all dentists. But what is it really in the hands of an oral medicine specialist?
In this episode, Dr Amanda Phoon Nguyen breaks down orofacial pain – from its presentation and diagnosis to how it might be managed. We talk about what general dentists should expect when these patients present at their door, and how they should liaise with specialists.
This is a dense and fascinating discussion about the complexities of orofacial pain. And whilst it may be beyond the scope of general dentists to treat alone, I think it is crucial to appreciate what it is to understand where we stand in the holistic management and treatment of these patients.

TIP #86 – Red Flags in Medical History with Dr Amanda Phoon Nguyen

How many of us have our patients fill out a medical questionnaire whilst sitting in the waiting room? And is this sufficient enough to gather a full medical history?

In this episode, we are joined by Dr Amanda Phoon Nguyen, an oral medicine specialist, who breaks down the red flags in medical history for general dentists. We talk about things we might miss out on if we’re not being thorough enough and asking our patients specific probing questions. We talk about the significance of certain conditions, medications, supplements and recreational drugs that affect even just day-to-day general dentistry.

We discuss why it is crucial, not only for our overall duty of care to the patient, but to also save ourselves from some potential medicolegal issues. This is a jam packed episode full of little pointers that I had no idea about, and so I hope you’re all able to walk away with a few additional questions you might ask your patients tomorrow.