TIP #126 – The State of Saliva with Dr Samantha Byrne

Saliva… or rather spit! We’re told it’s important to test saliva at school but does knowledge about the patients saliva change the way the patient is treated? What can findings in our saliva cultures tell us about diseases such as Alzheimer’s or infective endocarditis? Joining us again to talk all things oral environment is none other than the wonderful Dr Samantha Byrne. Later on in the piece Samantha lists off a paper that we will have the link to in the show notes along with ways you can reach her if you have any questions for today’s episode. Stay tuned!

TIP #117 – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the Oral Environment with Dr Samantha Byrne

In dentistry we learn lots about how bacteria is the cause of all our problems, from dental caries, gingivitis, pulp necrosis and periapical lesions, are all bacteria bad for us? To discuss this question I’ve brought on Senior Lecturer at Melbourne University, Dr Samantha Byrne to discuss all things saliva and the environment that it creates for our microbiome. Very quickly into this episode you’ll learn how quickly this stuff gets nuanced in that there’s not really such thing as a good or bad bacteria. Another is the different ways in which patients may misinterpret advice that we give them. Okay Dr I’ve stopped drinking that lemonade like you told me and replaced it with drinking lemon juice instead? Who knew spit could be so interesting. Let’s get into it!