TIP #46: When Should You Use a Splint? with Dr Damian Teo

Here’s a scenario – you have a patient that comes in with pain in their jaw, sore muscles, chips all along their front teeth and wear facets across all their back teeth. As dentists, we’re trained to immediately think of issuing a splint to protect the teeth. But what do we do when that doesn’t work, and is issuing a splint always the right solution?

In this episode Dr Damian Teo sheds some light on this tricky situation and shares the three reasons he would use a splint. This is a special addition to the Bruxism, TMD & OSA trilogy we’ve already released with Dr Damian Teo earlier on in the year, so don’t forget to flick back to make sure you’re up to date.

TIP #40: Obstructive Sleep Apnoea with Dr Damian Teo

Do you stop breathing in your sleep? I don’t, but many of our patients do.

Obstructive sleep apnoea is more prevalent than you may think. It’s signs and symptoms can be identified and diagnosis and management can be initiated by the switched on and observant dentist.

In this episode Dr Damian Teo shares his thoughts on this crucial topic. This is part of a trilogy so don’t forget to flick back to the others to make sure you’re up to date.

TIP#28: Bruxism with Dr Damian Teo

We see it all the time. Worn teeth, cracked teeth, muscular pain or worse. Some of us, me certainly included, do it ourselves and there’s nothing we can do about it. Of course, we’re talking about bruxism.

Through this fascinating interview with Dr Damian Teo we get a perspective shift on how to look at and manage our bruxism patients. While the cause can be elusive, the concepts around how we look at it and why are crucial to helping our patients especially those who suffer pain and a broken dentition as a result.

We’re creating a three part series of episodes with Dr Damian Teo: