TIP#12: Take Care of Yourself with Dr Annalene Weston – What I Wish I Knew

To take care of others we first need to take care of our-selves. Yet dentists rarely take time off for themselves when they need it. How can we do our best work when sick?

Dr Annalene Weston is well known for her work in Burnout and Mental Health for dentists and it is our pleasure to have her on the What I wish I Knew podcast again to share something she sees dentists making the mistake of time and time again, not taking care of yourself.

The concept of the Third Space resonated strongly with me as did much of what she had to say in this episode. I hope you take as much from this as I did.

TIP#6: Nobody’s Perfect with Dr Annalene Weston – What I Wish I Knew

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#6 – Tips For Associates With Dr Jamie Workman [Part 1]

Are you an associate? Hearing Jamie’s story and what he is doing to prevent it happening again is an absolute must.

Episode 6 of the Dental Head Start Podcast welcomes Dr Jamie Workman. Dr Jamie Workman is a UK trained dentist and serial entrepreneur. Jamie is working in private practice, started www.jamiethedentist.com and multiple other ventures as well as having a special interest in Dentofacial Aesthetics and paediatric communication.