New Grad Focus #4 – Looking After Yourself as a New Graduate with A/Prof Matt Hopcraft and Dr Jean Wu

When you’ve gone through so many years of dental school, the last thing you want to happen is to cut your career short due to a work-related health issue. You may have heard stories of dentists experiencing burnout or back pain or you may have experienced these things yourself already. So how can you maximise your career and avoid any health related issues that may set you back?

Welcome back to the New Grad Focus Series. My name is Phillip Nguyen and I am a first year graduate and today we are joined by Dr Jean Wu and Associate Professor Matt Hopcraft. Dr Jean Wu is both a qualified Pilates and Movement Therapy instructor as well as a practicing GP dentist for over a decade. It is her passion to pass on the benefits of Pilates and movement therapy to the wider dental community as she believes it would make a significant contribution to the health and well-being of her colleagues. Associate Professor Matt Hopcraft has more than 25 years in the dental industry. He is a recognised leader and expert in dental public health and advocacy. As a dentist he has worked in the Army, private and public dental practices, as an academic at The University of Melbourne and is presently the CEO of the Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch. He is a strong advocate for improving access to care, healthy eating and mental health in the dental profession. Enjoy the episode!