#34 – The New Dental Landscape with Dr Phillip Palmer, Dr Jamie Workman and Brett Churnin

The dental industry is on the road to recovery from the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve moved to level 1 restrictions, broadening the procedures we can provide and reinstating a level of normality.

But what will the road to recovery look like? How has the dental landscape changed and what challanges and opportunities does new dental normal pocess? 

This episode I have the pleasure of sitting down with three Dental Head Start Alumni, Dr Phillip Palmer, Dr Jamie Workman and Brett Churnin to talk about what they forsee in the future and advice and tips for the dental student graduate and those further along in their journey. 

The idea for this episode came from the conference coming up by Prime Practice, the Prime Vision Conference. We’re proud to be an official partner with Prime Practice and are genuinely excited to hear the speakers share their views on the new dental landscape and how best to navigate this challanging time. 

This is just a snippet of wisdom from three of the 8 speakers at the conference. Find out more here and don’t miss out on the early bird special rate available until May 20th!

#33 – Clear Aligners with John Hagiliassis and George Abdelamak

Cosmetic dentistry has been revolutionised a few times over the last 30 years. First, bonding of porcelain gave the ability to recreate natural smiles with fixed prosthetic solutions. Then came more effective, natural composites that facilitated reduced preparation and beautiful results when the situation did not indicate porcelain. Recently, clear aligners have changed the game. Moving teeth to the best position before picking up the hand piece, or better yet, instead of any preparation. It’s the ultimate conservative step forward.

This episode we have the pleasure of chatting with two of Australia’s leading general dentists in the clear aligner space. Dr John Hagiliassis and Dr George Abdelmalek are the Founders of ACAS, the Australiasia Clear Aligner Society and have thousands of cases under their belt between them.

John is the founder of AORTA (Aesthetic, Orthodontic and Restorative Training Academy), an academy that helps dentists take the first few steps in providing aligner solutions for their patients.

#31 – Dr Sahil Soni Gives Us Perspective and the Importance of Life Outside of Dentistry.

If you know Sahil, you know this is packed with useful advice, tips and stories to help you grow.

But it is also a roller coaster of experiences. Some of the highest highs and hardest lows in his life are shared with a simple goal – “if it will help one other person, it is worth sharing”.

This philosophy has made Sahil one of the most respected dentists in Australia. And it is for good reason. He shares tips generously and openly, he shares his struggles and supports others going through the same. Along with Dr Steve Tiang and Dr Soo-wee Ong, he tirelessly gives his time to moderate and share our questions anonymously on DPR. And consistently, Sahil supports and fights for those of us in more vulnerable positions, often graduates.

Sahil generously shares in this discussion. We learn about why he pushes to achieve the dentistry he does. He takes us on the journey that took him from India to New Zealand, into dentistry and then his first few experiences with private practice. He shares his path into private practice and out of it again as well as the life events that precipitated this. And a chat with Sahil isn’t complete without discussing rubber dam and tips for graduates.

This may be aimed at students and graduates, but for anyone in the Australian dental community, this is a must listen.

#12 – Dr Tony Rotondo: Good Eyes Make Good Work

Many say Dr Tony Rotondo has good hands. And if you have seen his work, then you would certainly agree. But for Tony, it’s his eyes that allow him to achieve his clinical excellence. And perhaps, his passion and consistent drive to improve.

Dr Tony Rotondo is an internationally recognised Prosthodontist with particular interest in aesthetics, composite and implant dentistry. Tony completed his undergraduate at UQ and his prosthodontic program at UCLA. Tony is also an educator and lectures locally and internationally.

#9 – Dr Omar Ikram on Endodontics and Sharing knowledge

For most graduates, Endodontics can send a chill through the spine. It’s a challenging thing, done mostly by feel and when our experience is limited there are plenty of unknowns.

For this episode we have a social media dental titan. You’ve probably heard of him, he’s probably taught you a thing or two on Facebook. Dr Omar Ikram is a Specialist Endodontist, practice owner at Specialist Endo Crows Nest (based in Sydney’s lower North Shore), Specialist Endodontist at Sydney Dental Hospital and is a prolific teacher on Facebook.

#7 – Paediatric Communication With Dr Jamie Workman [Part 2]

Ever treat kids? Then hearing Jamie’s advice is a absolute must. 

While Podcast #6 – Jamie Workman Part 1 was all about being an associate and advice for those who do not own the practice, part 2 is about communication – a critical part of every dentists role.

I’ve mentioned it before, treating kids is a love/hate relationship for me. I enjoy it but you can do 10 things right and have 1 small detail be the difference between a successful appointment and a failed attempt.

Jamie significantly helped me by….

#6 – Tips For Associates With Dr Jamie Workman [Part 1]

Are you an associate? Hearing Jamie’s story and what he is doing to prevent it happening again is an absolute must.

Episode 6 of the Dental Head Start Podcast welcomes Dr Jamie Workman. Dr Jamie Workman is a UK trained dentist and serial entrepreneur. Jamie is working in private practice, started www.jamiethedentist.com and multiple other ventures as well as having a special interest in Dentofacial Aesthetics and paediatric communication.

#3 – Tips for Grads with Dr Nauvneel Kashyap [Part 2]

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