TIP #106 – Matrix Selection & Placement with Dr Alice Whang

There’s not denying that restorations form the bread and butter of our dental work, but there’s a lot of finesse to creating the perfect restoration. In this episode, we’re joined by Dr Alice Whang to talk about how to restore a classic 14DO – how to assess it radiographically, rubber dam placement, how to choose the right matrix, assessing your contact and how to wedge. I know often I fall into the trap of just thinking if it fits, it fits, but Dr Alice talks us through the detailed thought process that goes into every step of restoring a tooth to ensure you have predictable and optimal results every single time.

TIP#20: Tackling Tricky Topics with Parents with Dr Tim Keys – What I Wish I Knew

The Australian Dental Association recommends a childs first dental visit be when their first tooth becomes visible or when then reach 12months of age. Normally seeing the baby is easy enough, but the real challenge comes with new parents, armed with millions of well intended questions about how that can give their child the best dental head start.

In many cases as new graduates we are yet to have our own kids so these conversations can sometimes be a bit of unknown territory, having not been in a bathroom with a two year old at bed time simply telling a patent to brush their childs’ teeth, my be easier said then done.

Today we look at when we should start brushing children’s teeth, getting parents on board with Fluoride and handling the ever controversial topic of tongue ties, with Sunshine Coast Paediatric Dentist Dr Tim Key’s.

TIP#11: Restoring the Primary Dentition with Dr Tim Keys – What I Wish I Knew

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