TIP #111 – Is It Restorable? with Dr Michael Mandikos

It’s one thing understanding textbook definitions of restorability and optimal outcomes, and a whole different scenario when there’s a patient sitting in front of you with the hopes of saving a very broken down tooth. In this episode, we dive into the dilemma we’ve all encountered – can we save this tooth?

Join us as we sit down with Dr Michael Mandikos to discuss assessing restorability, how far subgingival is too far subgingival, deep margin elevation and when posts should come into play. We talk about the importance of assessing and managing expectations, and how we go about our decision tree.

TIP #74 – Perfect Bonding Protocols with Dr Bez Shokouhi

Every dentist thinks they KNOW how to bond to tooth structure, yet it’s one of the most misunderstood and inconsistently performed procedures among practitioners.

In this episode, Dr Bez Shokouhi breaks down the perfect bonding protocol into the details of the multitude of factors that can profoundly affect its success. As a serial CPD attendee and graduate of several university programs involving restorative and implant dentistry, the depth of his knowledge on this subject is exhaustive.

If you’ve ever had post-operative sensitivity or a debond after a bonding procedure, this is a must-listen episode.

#12 – Dr Tony Rotondo: Good Eyes Make Good Work

Many say Dr Tony Rotondo has good hands. And if you have seen his work, then you would certainly agree. But for Tony, it’s his eyes that allow him to achieve his clinical excellence. And perhaps, his passion and consistent drive to improve.

Dr Tony Rotondo is an internationally recognised Prosthodontist with particular interest in aesthetics, composite and implant dentistry. Tony completed his undergraduate at UQ and his prosthodontic program at UCLA. Tony is also an educator and lectures locally and internationally.