TIP #83 – Dental Sleep Medicine with Dr Rohan Krishnan

As dentists, we are uniquely positioned to assess and diagnose patients with disorders around the airway, sleep and how it relates to orofacial facial pain.

The impact of these conditions on a patient’s life can be chronic and debilitating (severe fatigue, pain) and can impact their general and mental health in a plethora of ways – mood, reflux, parafunction, concentration, blood pressure etc.

Frequently it’s the case that the underlying issue for many of these patients – airway and sleep disorders – remain undiagnosed and untreated until it’s picked up by a dentist.

A thorough dental assessment can reveal signs and symptoms that go on to trigger further investigations or referrals to ultimately uncover what can be a life changing diagnosis for a patient.

Dr Rohan Krishnan recently completed his masters in the field Sleep Medicine and Orofacial pain management. He explains the important role dentists play in the initial diagnosis and management of sleep and airway disorders.