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The Third Space

To take care of others we first need to take care of our-selves. Yet dentists rarely take time off for themselves when they need it. How can we do our best work when sick?

Dr Annalene Weston is well known for her work in Burnout and Mental Health for dentists and it is our pleasure to have her on the What I wish I Knew podcast again to share something she sees dentists making the mistake of time and time again, not taking care of yourself.

The concept of the Third Space resonated strongly with me as did much of what she had to say in this episode. I hope you take as much from this as I did.

Key Tips to Takeaway for Tomorrow:

  • 3:30 – Superheros don’t take sick leave
  • 5.00 – You cannot be as compassionate when your sick or tired
  • 6.00 – hydration
  • 9.00 – The Third Space

Resources Annalene mentions:

Dr. Annalene Weston

Annalene completed her dental studies and first years of work in the UK before emigrating to Australia. She has worked along the Eastern Seaboard practising in both the public and private sectors, and has added a Masters in Health Law from University of Sydney to her dental qualifications.

Annalene is a dento-legal advisor with Dental Protection, a practicing dentist and a leading speaker on burnout and stress in the dental profession.

We’ve done a feature interview with Annalene which is just excellent! If you haven’t listened yet, please check it out here! She opens the conversation on burnout in the dental profession, an issue that is very real and very important. There are also some amazing links to resources on burnout avaliable in the blog post.

You can get in contact with Annalene through her email below, and as always Dental Protection are always here to help.

Annalene: annalene.weston@dpla.com.au

DPL (membership and dento-legal advice):

phone 1800 444 542

online https://www.dentalprotection.org/australia/contact-us/dento-legal-enquiry

Also, look out for more tips from Annalene coming out on the “What I Wish I Knew” Podcast soon!

AORTA Australia

Go To https://aortaaustralia.com.au/ for your free Handbook

Alignment of teeth has revolutionised our ability to provide minimally invasive cosmetic treatment for our patients.

But how do you learn the tips, tricks and secrets to getting predictable long term outcomes for your aligner patients?

AORTA Australia was developed by Dr John Hagiliassis and Dr George Abdelmalek to help bridge the gap and assist you in your aligner therapy outcomes.

This is an ideal first step for those wanting to embark on their aligner journey.

Go to www.aortaaustralia.com.au and start with their online foundations course to get your journey going!

CPD Junkie

How do you find CPD? It is such a difficult task, with courses listed here and there but you never know you’ve seen them all.

Until Now.

www.cpdjunkie.com.au has been created to provide all Dental CPD in the one place. Search by keyword, date, discipline, location, speaker or organiser – however you want to find it, you can.

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