Welcome to What I Wish I Knew by Dental Head Start. This is a podcast where we learn from people that have been there, made the mistakes, learnt the lessons and have developed into the accomplished dental professionals they are today.

It’s your weekly mentoring session.

Hosted by Erica Hwin

If the mission statement of Dental Head Start is to help dental students become great dentists then I really am the guinea pig for it. In this episode, we are joined by David Keir who founded DHS to talk about his advice for me as a soon-to-be fully fledged dentist.

In this episode, we talk about finding your feet in that first year out, the effect of the practice you work at and the boss you work under. How CPD is crucial but also not everything and how there are so many other resources we can tap into to upskill. 

For all my fellow graduating classmates, this is such an exciting time for us! Congratulations for making it this far, and let’s get it! The world is ours to make. 

Dr David Keir

David spent over 13 years dental assisting before graduating from The University of Sydney. These years were formative and really gave David that head start in his career. Thus, in 2018, the Dental Head Start podcast was born with the hopes of sharing the lessons David had been lucky to learn along the way, and to help students and new graduates transition from textbooks into clinical practice.  

Alongside DHS, David is also the co-founder of CPD Junkie – Australia’s largest CPD directory. Check out https://www.cpdjunkie.com.au to stay in the loop with the latest and greatest CPD courses, deals & discounts. 

BOQ Specialist

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BOQ Specialist offer a great banking package for graduates.  This package includes an everyday bank account with no monthly, annual or ongoing account keeping fees, an optional overdraft with no establishment fee and no repayments required until 1 July the year after you graduate, a credit card with no fees for five years and an optional car loan.

Having worked closely with medical professionals for over 30 years, BOQ Specialist understand the unique challenges we can face at the beginning of our careers.

Whether it’s relocation costs, everyday living expenses, buying a new car or even saving for a first home – BOQ Specialist have a range of banking products and services to help. For more information, click here.

Clinical Aligner Excellence

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Aligners are becoming an integral part of private practice. Whether you are new to aligner therapy or an experienced practitioner, the opportunities are vast. But how do you do it at a high standard, efficiently and profitably?

Dr Geoff Hall and Dr Jesse Green have come together to help with these key problems through Clear Aligner Excellence – their latest education platform.

Visit clearex.com.au for more information. You can expect a wealth of knowledge to help improve your practice as well as huge discounts on major aligner therapy companies and lab fees.

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