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Hosted by Haydyn Bathurst

All this talk of AI machine learning, but what does this mean for dentistry? Am I going to be able to plug in a bitewing radiograph and the computer can tell me where the caries is for me? Join Dr Pethani and Haydyn Bathurst as they discuss all the breakthroughs and limitations to all things machine learning in dentistry.

Dr Hanna Pethani

Dr Hanna Pethani is a highly accomplished and dedicated dental professional and a PhD student in the Biomedical Informatics and Digital Health department at the School of Medical Sciences, The University of Sydney.

Dr Pethani earned her dental degree from The University of Sydney and went on to complete the rigorous requirements to become a Fellow of the Royal College of Australasian Dental Surgeons. Her expertise in clinical dentistry and passion for improving patient outcomes led her to pursue further academic endeavours. Currently, as a PhD student, Dr Pethani is conducting cutting-edge research on natural language processing to extract data related to social determinants of health and reasons for unplanned returns to dental centres from Electronic Dental Records.

With her unique combination of clinical expertise and technical skills, Dr Pethani’s work has the potential to transform the way dental care is delivered, particularly in identifying social determinants of health that impact patient outcomes. Her research has significant implications for improving the quality of care and developing new interventions and policies in dental health. Dr Pethani’s dedication to continuing education and commitment to advancing dental research and practice make her a valuable asset to the dental profession and academic community.

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