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As dentists, we are one of the very first people to be looking inside a child’s mouth and picking up on potential signs that may be reflective of the way that they are sleeping, breathing, eating, growing, and thriving overall. I know oftentimes I have young parents bringing in their children and asking me how their child developing and if there is anything they can do differently.

Fortunately, this is Dr Shereen Lim’s area of expertise and over a series of episodes we will be discussing everything to look for from childhood bruxism, to sleeping patterns, bad habits tongue ties, diet and feeding, and jaw development. In this first part, we’ll be diving into a case study of a little girl that I saw just the other day with severe bruxism, and how we would go about managing her situation.

Dr Shereen Lim

Shereen Lim is an Australia-based dentist with a post graduate diploma in dental sleep medicine from the University of Western Australia. She was one of Australia’s first handful of dentists to obtain a qualification in dental sleep medicine. She has been involved in managing snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea for over a decade and has seen the physical, developmental, mental, and emotional problems that are often associated with these breathing disturbances throughout the lifespan. Her mission is to highlight root causes and promote airway health, or a shift from managing disease and symptoms towards ensuring healthy nasal breathing and good airway development from infancy. She works in private practice and has a special focus on unlocking greater health and wellness through addressing tongue ties, oral dysfunction (during infant feeding, swallowing, breathing, chewing, and speech), and guiding good jaw development during childhood.

Find Dr Shereen Lim’s book Breathe, Sleep Thrive


AHC – What You Should Know Free Webinar Series

Have you ever done a filling on a front tooth, thought it looked great when you had your patient upside down, but when they sit up and face you, you realise something isn’t quite right but you can’t quite put a finger on it?

On the podcast we always say, we don’t know what we don’t know. The brain doesn’t understand what the eyes don’t see, and the aesthetic smile is one of these things.

Australian Hands On Courses is running a free webinar with Dr Paul Jay Hwin on smile design and simple techniques and sequencing steps to help master your composite veneers. As part of their mission to help graduates accelerate their growth and reach their utmost potential, AHC is running a series of free online webinars on What You Should Know. Aesthetic Dental Smile Designs & Anterior Composites is Module 4 of the series and will be a live webinar next Monday 5/6 @ 7pm AEST. Spots are limited so make sure you sign up via the link in our show notes and stay in the loop for the ongoing series which is free for all students and graduates.


Dental Practitioner Support

Dental Practitioner Support is the first national 24/7 telephone and online service to support dental practitioner health and wellbeing in Australia.

The service is free, confidential and independent. Remember, good practice involves seeking support when you need it. Dental practitioners can call and speak to an experienced team ready to provide advice on a wide range of issues, including mental and physical health, workplace issues and general wellbeing.

Call them anytime you need, and even save the number in your phone so that it’s there on the day that you need it.

1800 377 700 or visit the website www.dpsupport.org.au

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