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We are all briefly aware of antibiotic resistance being a global phenomenon however as we know in the space of dentistry we have the responsibility to know when to prescribe them appropriately. It can be really blurry at times and to help me navigate through this is dentist and pharmacist Dr Leanne Teoh. She has been involved in various systematic reviews on antibiotic use in dentistry along with co-authoring the therapeutic guidelines. Hope you all enjoy this episode!

Dr Leanne Teoh

Dr Leanne Teoh is the Lecturer of dental therapeutics and postdoctoral research fellow at the Melbourne Dental School, as well as a registered practising dentist and pharmacist. She was awarded her PhD in 2021 with her research focus being various aspects of medicine use in dentistry and dental prescribing practices, focusing on dental antibiotic stewardship. Leanne co-authored the Australian national dental guidelines, Therapeutic Guidelines Oral and Dental Version 2, is on the editorial board for the international journal BMC Oral Health, and is a member of the Australian Dental Association Therapeutics Committee.

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