Welcome to What I Wish I Knew by Dental Head Start. This is a podcast where we learn from people that have been there, made the mistakes, learnt the lessons and have developed into the accomplished dental professionals they are today.

It’s your weekly mentoring session.

Hosted by Christina Potestas 

I wanted to dedicate this episode to all my peers and of course all dental students who will be reaching what I believe to be one of the biggest milestones of dental school and that is seeing your very first patient. In first year, It was something I always thought about, although an exciting thought it didn’t come without doubt in myself.

I sat down with 2 very special people who I actually went to High school with, and who are now established dental clinicians practicing privately in Sydney. I remember them being such great, friendly personalities during highschool that I feel comfortable to turn to these two to ease my nerves of seeing my first patient and am delighted to share the chat we had with you all. 

You listening may be a 2nd year ready to see your very first patient, or maybe you’re someone who knows someone who is about to endeavour on this part of their journey, Or you may just be curious about what these 2 have to say. Whoever you are, I hope you enjoy listening to the chat just as much as I did having it. 

Dr Nicole Contemplacion

Nicole graduated from Charles Sturt University with her dental degree and has gained 4 years of experience in private metropolitan and not-for-profit regional clinics. She’s a respected clinician in the Orange Aboriginal Medical Service, formerly flying once a week every month from Sydney to Orange to provide dental services to her patients there. Nicole faced her first year out of uni in the grips of Covid lockdown, providing emergency care but was also allowed to utilise her clinical skills by delivering Covid vaccinations. She managed to continue growing confidence beyond graduation despite being slowed by the pandemic and now practices privately in Sydney with the goal of building her scope.

Laura Righetto

Laura completed her bachelor of OHT at USYD and has been a respected clinician for the last 10 years formerly working in the public sector for the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health district and in a prestigious all on 4 implant and general dental surgery in Sydney. Laura is passionate about dental hygiene as well as airways and breathing and built solid experience in managing cases alongside Paediatric and ENT specialists. She hopes to continue her journey into tertiary education.

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