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Hosted by Hieu Dong

Direct? Indirect? Porcelain? Metal? Porcelain fused to metal? Pros you are wild!

In this episode, I chat with Dr Ben Lee a prosthodontist in Sydney where we go through crowns for beginners (like me!). Dr Ben answers all my questions like: how do you talk to a patient about getting a crown? How do you suss out the vibes of your patients before starting treatment? Dr Ben gives us a birds eye view of all things prosthodontics and if you’re just starting out in your dental journey – this one’s for you!

Key moments

0:00:34 – The importance of assessing how much tooth structure remains and restorative options when determining if a tooth needs a crown.

0:06:08 – Factors to consider when assessing a tooth for restoration planning, such as X-rays, measurements of tooth structure, cracks, etc.

0:06:27 – The process of restoration planning, which involves envisioning the final outcome and working backwards to determine preparation needs.

0:14:26 – The three key physical factors to consider for tooth restoration – retention, resistance, and prevention of fracture or dislodging.

0:20:04 – The need to establish a patient’s perspective and determine if they have a “reasonable” viewpoint to have a logical treatment discussion.

0:23:33 – The importance of understanding a patient’s expectations, personality, and preferences to align clinical dentistry with their needs.

0:32:51 – Providing treatment options to patients while focusing discussion on the most suitable recommendation based on their needs and preferences.

Dr Ben Lee

Ben completed his MDSc in Prosthodontics from the University of Sydney. During this time, he was given the Young Prosthodontist Award by The International College of Prosthodontists. He is past President of the Australian Prosthodontic Society (NSW) and Australian Asian Association of Dentists. He is a mentor for implant diploma courses offered by the University of Sydney and Charles Sturt University. In addition, being a visiting honorary Clinical Lecturer at the University of Sydney and a Course Co-Ordinator for Nobel Biocare, Ben frequently presents on the topic of dental implants and fixed prosthodontics nationally. As a prosthodontist, Ben works full-time in his referral-based specialist centre in Chatswood, Sydney, with particular interest in the surgical aspect of dental implant treatment.

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