Rerun Series: Find your support network on social media.

Picked by Christina Potestas

This series of re-run episodes is a curated selection of interviews to help listeners cut through the noise of social media and start finding their support network of dentists who are actively sharing their expertise and life online. These interviews reveal more about the real person behind the Instagram profile – I hope that it opens doors to a network of potential mentors and starts what may be a guiding and inspiring relationship beyond graduation. 

In this episode, I am throwing back to the very insightful chat between Dr Erica Hwin and @thelimitlessdentist , Dr. Kaejenn Tchia about how to stay motivated and find fulfillment in your dental career. Dr. Tchia shares tips for maintaining good mental health as a student and advice for envisioning the type of dentist you want to become in the future. He emphasizes dreaming big and learning from other dentists as ways to prevent feeling lost after graduation. I follow The Limitless Dentist on Instagram and somehow Kaejenn’s words of wisdom and guidance always appear when I need them the most. Enjoy this rerun and make sure to follow The Limitless Dentist online.

Key moments

0:02:06 – Tips for dental students to stay motivated and find fulfillment in their dental careers, including:

  • Recognizing and avoiding perfectionism
  • Setting realistic expectations
  • Maintaining a balanced lifestyle with both study and social activities
  • Finding purpose and your “why” for becoming a dentist

0:08:01 – The uncertainty and lack of a clear path after graduating from dental school, compared to the structured curriculum of dental school.

0:10:15 – The importance of dreaming big and having a clear vision for a fulfilling dental career after graduation, to avoid feeling lost.

0:13:24 – Practical steps for dental students to figure out their dream and career path, such as:

  • Following and learning from inspiring dentists on social media
  • Shadowing specialists to gain insight into different areas of dentistry
  • Giving yourself grace to change plans and explore different options

Dr Kaejenn Tchia

A born and bred Territorian, Dr Kaejenn Tchia knew he wanted to be a dentist since high school. Dr Tchia went on to earn his Bachelor of Dental Surgery at James Cook University in Cairns, Queensland. He served as president for a two-year tenure from 2016 to 2017 for the James Cook University Dental Student Association (JCUDSA Inc.) as well as national Rural Officer for the Australian Dental Student Association (ADSA) in 2016. Since moving back to Darwin, Dr Tchia has become Treasurer of the Australian Dental Association (ADA) NT Branch Inc.

In his spare time, Dr Tchia enjoys travelling and trying new food spots with friends and family. He is also interested in business and entrepreneurship and also launched a motivational coaching company, The Limitless Dentist, aiming to break the mental health stigma in his profession and help his colleagues eliminate burnout and master their mindset.

Instagram: @thelimitlessdentist


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