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Meet Dr Geeta Perks, not only a dentist but also the director of Dental Focus Marketing, a Melbourne based digital agency dedicated to serving the niche dental industry in all things digital marketing. 

Her work encompases more than you’d think – websites, social media, SEO, Google domination, compliance, content creation, reporting and more. In this podcast, she shares some key do’s and don’ts for digital marketing as well as the innovative ways that young dentists are building their own personal brand individually. 

Her personal journey from Dentist to Digital Marketing director puts her in a unique position to help others understand how digital marketing can enhance the patient journey and keep us busy with happy patients.

Dr Geeta Perks

Dr Geeta Perks is a dentist with 20 years clinical experience having worked in prestigious practices and family dental practices, in both the UK and Australia. 

Geeta has consulted for Dental Focus UK/Ireland for many years, helping dentists grow their businesses by attracting their ideal new patients. Dental Focus was founded by her brother, Krishan Joshi in 2001, in London during the dot com boom, and today is the leading dental digital marketing agency in the UK & Ireland. 

Since moving to Australia, Geeta started the sister agency called Dental Focus Marketing. It specialises in helping dental practices in Australia and New Zealand grow exponentially, by attracting their ideal new patients. This is achieved through integrated services: state-of-the art dental websites, Google Domination with Page 1 rankings through SEO and pay per click advertising, and social media marketing to help to build PR and Brand Awareness online in local communities.  

They provide clients with guidance and direction on aspects such as AHPRA compliance, and marketing strategies through consultation services using successful, proven strategies for dental practice growth. They are proud to have created over 1000 dental practice websites globally and have grown through word-of-mouth. 

Coming from a family background in dentistry, Geeta understands the strategies needed for successful practice growth in this highly competitive consumer market. As a family, she’s helped to co-found of The Mouth Cancer Foundation Charity, which helps to spread the awareness of early detection of mouth cancer in the public, as this helps to save lives. Every year the MCF holds a free 10 km walk around London’s Hyde Park where survivors, carers, their families, dentists and the dental industry can join in.  

Geeta understands how to find and grow a niche market, best strategies for ethical dentistry and how the power of social media can really grow your dental business. In 2019, she was awarded Fellowship of the Pierre Fauchard Academy for her contributions to dentistry.

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Dental Protection Limited

Dental Protection Limited

Dental Protection we’re the first to come on board supporting dental students and graduates through the Dental Head Start Podcast and now they’re stepping up again by release the new publication Young Dental Practitioners as well as the Survival guide, their e-Learning platform ‘Prism’ and Sign up for Risk Wise Connect. Find it at the links or on their Facebook Page.

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