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Hosted by Erica Hwin

When was the last time you sat back and asked yourself, “What are my dreams, and what kind of person do I want to become?”

I think as students and new grads, it’s so easy to be lost when all our lives, we’ve always had some sort of curriculum to follow. However, the day we graduate, it’s the first time we have to really decide for ourselves what happens next. In this episode, we dive into the importance of dreaming big, how this influences our happiness and career fulfilment, and how to go about finding that spark.

Dr Kaejenn Tchia

A born and bred Territorian, Dr Kaejenn Tchia knew he wanted to be a dentist since high school. Dr Tchia went on to earn his Bachelor of Dental Surgery at James Cook University in Cairns, Queensland. He served as president for a two-year tenure from 2016 to 2017 for the James Cook University Dental Student Association (JCUDSA Inc.) as well as national Rural Officer for the Australian Dental Student Association (ADSA) in 2016. Since moving back to Darwin, Dr Tchia has become Treasurer of the Australian Dental Association (ADA) NT Branch Inc.

In his spare time, Dr Tchia enjoys travelling and trying new food spots with friends and family. He is also interested in business and entrepreneurship and also launched a motivational coaching company, The Limitless Dentist, aiming to break the mental health stigma in his profession and help his colleagues eliminate burnout and master their mindset. 

Clinical Aligner Excellence

Aligners are becoming an integral part of private practice. Whether you are new to aligner therapy or an experienced practitioner, the opportunities are vast. But how do you do it at a high standard, efficiently and profitably?

Dr Geoff Hall and Dr Jesse Green have come together to help with these key problems through Clear Aligner Excellence – their latest education platform.

Visit clearex.com.au for more information. You can expect a wealth of knowledge to help improve your practice as well as huge discounts on major aligner therapy companies and lab fees.

Principle Practice Management Software 

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Cloud based dental software, rethought from the ground up for 2021 and beyond. Finally, an intelligent platform that optimises every process and workflow from scheduling to treatment planning to account management.

Designed for intuitiveness, Principle offers seamless interconnectivity between patients, appointments, staff, tasks, notes, meetings, labs and more. This means fewer clicks, fuller books, faster communication, nothing slipping through the cracks and greater business transparency. 

Principles of best practice embedded in software design to keep your team lean and your time productively occupied.

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