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Pushing the scalpel down to the periostium, raising the gingiva and safely performing surgical extractions is something many of us graduate with a theoretical knowledge of, but very little practical experience, if any.

It can be daunting the first few times yet it is an essential skill we need to develop to be able to remove challanging teeth, place implants and look after our patients comprehensively.

Dr Matthew Youssef comes on the show to share some crucial tips with with what to consider when raising flaps, especially in the anterior. Placing your incision in the wrong area can irreversibly change the papilla and you do not want to learn this the hard way.

2:13 – Basic Rules for Flap Design

3:30 – Understanding the Consequences of Raising a Flap – Preserving the Papilla

7:40 – Basic Rules for Surgery and Soft Tissue Care

9:00 – Make sure you’re hitting the bone – Avoiding unintentional split thickness flaps.

Dr. Matthew Youssef

Dr. Matt graduated with both a Masters of Clinical Dentistry from La Trobe University and a Bachelor of Health Science.

He has learnt from World Leaders in Oral Implantology, is currently completing his Postgraduate Diploma in Implantology and is also a gIDE Master Clinician in Implantology.

Matthew is trained in PRF techniques by Dr. Joseph Choukroun, in Implantology and Restorative aspects by Dr. Sascha Jovanovik, Dr. Luke Villata, Dr. Praveen Nathaniel, and Dr. Joseph Kan.

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Also, look out for more tips from Matt coming out on the “What I Wish I Knew” Podcast soon!

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