Restoring Anterior Contours

Recreating the natural contour of an anterior tooth is critical to a successful direct anterior resin. Traditionally we're taught anterior resins with a mylar strip (clear strip) and a wedge. There is a better way. Use a sectional matrix along its long axis to give the natural curve of an anterior tooth, particularly the distal curve.

Use a sectional matrix along its long axis to give the natural curve of an anterior tooth

I saw a case recently where someone built up the interproximal area of an anterior tooth with a V3 sectional band. Using a sectional band is great to build the interproximal areas of anterior teeth due to the curvature of the sectional band, however, the V3 sectional band is not the right one to use in my opinion.

Introducing the Unimatrix

The Unimatrix (TOR VM) 50 micron sectional band is much better for this purpose as its shape is very similar to the interproximal area of anterior teeth, specially once you place it down its long axis. It is also more rigid than the V3 sectional band so it does not distort as easily. I love V3 bands for posterior teeth where the contact point is closer to the occlusal surface of the teeth, however for anterior teeth, the unimatrix is far superior. It is also cheaper than the V3 sectionals, available from Adam dental.

Both myself and DHS have no financial interest in this product.

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