The end of a year and a decade. And the end of the first year of the Dental Head Start Podcast.

I hope you’ve got a ton from this because I sure have. We’ve had the opportunity to peer into the minds and origins of some of Australia’s best Dentists (and one particularly engaging ENT) and have gained so much wisdom. I genuinely want to thank all our our guests in 2019 who really allowed Dental Head Start to stand up and help dental students and graduates.

Every single episode has something of value hiding within it. I’d love to hear what you found most useful. But I do know what you all found most engaging and the most listened to episodes for 2019. Some of these had over a thousand listens!

The Top 10 DHS Podcasts for 2019

  1. Dr Omar Ikram. Episode #9
  2. Dr Tony Rotondo. Episode #12
  3. Dr David McIntosh. Epsiode #16
  4. Dr Andrew Thorpe. Episode #13
  5. Dr Derek Mahony. Episode # 19
  6. Drs Bharat Agrawal, Aodhan Docherty, David Attia and Yo-Han Choi. Episode #17
  7. Dr Colm Harney. Episode #20
  8. Dr Mark Hassed. Episode #1
  9. Dr Aniko Ball. Episode #15
  10. Dr Nauvneel Kashyap. Epsiode #2 & 3

I’ve extracted the best tips from each of these episodes and created a summary jam packed with useful tips. I hope this helps uncover some information you haven’t already heard or helps reinforce lessons you’ve already learnt.

And as the first episode for 2020 I want to say congratulations to the 2019 graduates and all the best if you’re starting your first job, starting your final year or commencing on further post graduate study. Make 2020 yours!

Prime Head Start – proudly brought to you by Prime Practice

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Prime Head Start, proudly brought to your by Prime Practice. Bite sized anecdotes they didn’t teach you in dental school.

There aren’t many high level athletes or high achievers who don’t have a coach. Or multiple coaches! But often this concept in business and life is overlooked. This episode we sit down with Brett Churnin and chat about the benefits of coaching. A great concept to kick of 2020 to.

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4Sight Dental is made to help dental students become great dentists. The first way we’re going to do this is throught The 4Sight Dental Journal, a journal to help you get clarity, focus and perspective on your dental career.

Also check out the 4Sight Dental Graduate Webinar.  This is a 2hour webinar with Dr Omid Azami, Dr Jesse Green and Dr David Keir. The webinar focuses on getting a job, excelling in your first job and making the most out of mentorship. This is a must for new graduates.

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The Dental Head Start Podcast is for students and new graduates. We interview successful dentists and specialists to uncover the tips, tricks and advice to help you transition from dental school to private practice successfully.

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