You don't buy a new jacket without trying it on. Anterior aesthetics is no different.

A mock up is paramount for anterior cases. Whether you create a direct mock up with composite in the mouth or use a wax up and transfer it, the impact of seeing the design as a real smile is profound for both the patient and the clinician

So, how do you get that wax up to the mouth?

How to Make a Mock Up Putty Key


There is nothing in patient communication more important than visualisation, be it photography in the new patient exam or the potential outcome in the aesthetically curious patient. Visualising the outcome is frequently the catalyst for a patient to commit to the treatment plan.

Tips for your Putty Key

  • Use light body PVS to reline your lab putty mold. This allows more defined replication, in particular giving more defined interproximal contours.
  • Cut wedges out of the key to allow venting of the bisacryl and control the excess.
  • Mark the midline to help you seat it smoothly
David is a recent graduate dentist working in private practice in regional NSW, Australia. Read more at

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