It goes without saying that a trait of our industry is being high achievers. What comes with big dreams is often big decisions, and when faced with too many, we can find ourselves inflicted by decision paralysis.

What kind of dentist do I want to become, what kind of practice do I want to work at, what kind of people do I want to surround myself with? Do I want to specialise, do I want to go into research, do I want to become a practice owner or do I enjoy general dentistry for what it is? These are all decisions that can be very overwhelming.

In this episode, we speak with Dr Alex Khominksy about his journey in dentistry, from a dental student with a hunger for knowledge, working his first year in a tertiary referral centre before transitioning into private practice, then beginning his post graduate training in periodontics, all the whilst co-founding the General Dental Residency on the side. 

Dr Alex Khominsky

Dr Alex Khominsky graduated from the University of Adelaide as Dux and Moore Medallion, he went onto work at Alfred Hospital and afterwards private practice in the Melbourne area.  Always involved in the profession through ADA and Societies, he is a firm believer in the power of a community and supporting other early-career dentists in their pursuit to be amazing clinicians. Through that belief, he co-founded General Dental Residency as an education community geared towards helping dentists excel in comprehensive general dentistry. He is a Clinical Demonstrator at the University of Melbourne and is currently pursuing his postgraduate studies in Periodontics.

Clinical Aligner Excellence

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Aligners are becoming an integral part of private practice. Whether you are new to aligner therapy or an experienced practitioner, the opportunities are vast. But how do you do it at a high standard, efficiently and profitably?

Dr Geoff Hall and Dr Jesse Green have come together to help with these key problems through Clear Aligner Excellence – their latest education platform.

Visit for more information. You can expect a wealth of knowledge to help improve your practice as well as huge discounts on major aligner therapy companies and lab fees.

Principle Practice Management Software 

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Cloud based dental software, rethought from the ground up for 2021 and beyond. Finally, an intelligent platform that optimises every process and workflow from scheduling to treatment planning to account management.

Designed for intuitiveness, Principle offers seamless interconnectivity between patients, appointments, staff, tasks, notes, meetings, labs and more. This means fewer clicks, fuller books, faster communication, nothing slipping through the cracks and greater business transparency. 

Principles of best practice embedded in software design to keep your team lean and your time productively occupied.

Dental Practitioner Support

Dental Practitioner Support is the first national 24/7 telephone and online service to support dental practitioner health and wellbeing in Australia.

The service is free, confidential and independent. Remember, good practice involves seeking support when you need it. Dental practitioners can call and speak to an experienced team ready to provide advice on a wide range of issues, including mental and physical health, workplace issues and general wellbeing.

Call them anytime you need, and even save the number in your phone so that it’s there on the day that you need it.

1800 377 700 or visit the website

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